We specialize in expert color matching, high quality painting, staining and decorating. Our professional decorative painters and artists can create unique finishes for any surface.

Prestige Painting & Decorating Consultants work to understand your desired color palette and decorating tendencies. Our Consultants come to your home to collaborate with you on how to showcase the true beauty of your space. Whether it’s using paint color to highlight a unique trim, draw attention to a beautiful centerpiece of artwork or your handcrafted fireplace, or even to properly feature a magnificent view, paint choices can attract and distract as necessary. We will also consider the natural flow or movement within your home, and sunlight variations throughout, in order to select the best colors and tones or combination of hues that will complement one another. In addition, sometimes our clients have very specific ideas for color, and simply need validation or refinement before they take the painting plunge. Whatever the case, our Consultants understand these variables and help you to manage them appropriately, resulting in a home or room that represents your personality.

Let our guidance and experience lead you from concept to completion!